Vibes of H2 Part 1: Resource-rich Canada to Produce Hydrogen, Right Here, in Multiple Ways.

Written by Jim Kapron
Technical Sales Representative
Aug 3, 2023

Step into the heart of Canada’s energy transformation, a journey ignited by the immense potential of hydrogen as a sustainable fuel. “Vibes of Hydrogen Blog Series” is not merely an overview but a thorough investigation into how Canada strategically positions itself at the forefront of the global movement toward clean energy with its wealth of natural resources and innovative spirit. This narrative not only showcases technological breakthroughs but also aligns these advancements with current trends and the evolving landscape of the energy sector, underscoring Canada’s proactive role in this dynamic field.

What you’ll learn: 


  1. Insights into Canada’s strategic use of natural gas and water as primary hydrogen sources.

  2. An overview of the intriguing processes of carbon capture, both pre-and post-combustion.

  3. The transformative simplicity of water electrolysis in the journey of hydrogen production.

  4. The harmonious blend of Canada’s natural wealth, technological innovation, and skilled workforce spearheading the global energy transition.

  5. The forward-thinking ethos of Canadian enterprises drives innovation and sustainability in the energy sector.

A Spark of Curiosity: The Personal Roots of a National Venture

My history with hydrogen started at an early age. I electrolyzed water in the first experiment I ever did. A 9-volt battery and saltwater made a tiny bubble of hydrogen. “Fffft” went the little ball of flame, and I was hooked. It’s safe to say that hydrogen started my career. This personal anecdote isn’t just a fond memory; it’s symbolic of the curiosity and passion that now fuel Canada’s nationwide push toward mastering hydrogen energy.


From Natural Gas to Clean Energy: Tapping Into Canada’s Rich Resources.


Canada’s approach to hydrogen production is firmly rooted in its rich natural resources, particularly its extensive natural gas reserves. With an established infrastructure poised for extracting, storing, and transporting natural gas, Canada is adeptly positioning itself as a reliable and innovative hydrogen producer. Pioneering carbon capture techniques guide the journey from resource extraction to clean energy. These techniques are not merely processes but are testaments to Canadian ingenuity – capturing carbon post-combustion and innovatively removing it from methane pre-combustion to yield pure, environmentally friendly hydrogen.

Harnessing Hydrogen: Canada’s Efficient Use of Non-Drinking Water Sources.

Resource 2 is our water. Of course we don’t want to use drinking water to generate hydrogen; that would be a waste. Gray or salt water can be electrolyzed in the same way that I did in my parent’s basement. Canadian companies are building systems to efficiently generate hydrogen from electricity and to keep it separated from the oxygen produced. Sometimes, no oxygen is produced at all.

Start your journey towards a sustainable future today. Explore how Canada leads in hydrogen innovation!



The “Vibes of Hydrogen Blog Series” is more than a story about hydrogen production. It’s a reflection of Canada’s commitment to a cleaner, more sustainable future. With natural gas and water as our pillars, carbon capture and electrolysis as our tools, and our workforce as the driving force, we are not just witnessing an energy transition but leading it. This blog post is just the beginning. Stay tuned for more insights into how we store, transport, and consume hydrogen – and how we continue to innovate and sustain. For those intrigued by the intricacies of hydrogen analysis or its impurities, Novatech is your gateway to the forefront of this revolution. Welcome to the future, powered by Canada. Welcome to the hydrogen horizon.

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Written by Jim Kapron
Technical Sales Representative
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